Fad Dieting

Jaralen Andrews



    Fad dieting is a growing problem in our society; it is a problem because a fad diet doesn’t help a person to change their bad habits that have caused their overweight condition.  A fad diet is simply a quick fix to a problem that requires a change in a person’s diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle.  Obviously it is easier to take a pill or drink a liquid to lose weight, but if the product isn’t improving the users lifestyle the product hasn’t helped them, but it could have hurt.  These diets haven’t solved any of America’s problems, but have given our society an easy way out. Then end result may be more harmful then the help they provided by getting a woman into a dress for a party.  The end result of fad diets is “yo-yo” dieting, which is simply a vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight


Scientific Study
Scientific Study
"Yo-Yo Dieting is Dangerous!”
Products Available for Sale
Texas D’Lites
    Wild City Diets
Conclusion Based on Internet Information
Conclusion of Fad Diets gathered by use of Scientific Research



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