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Physics 365: Many-Particle Quantum Theory (Spring Semester 2014)


Contact Information

Instructor: Professor Volker E. Oberacker
Phone: 615-322-5035
Office: Stevenson Center, 6th floor, room 6625

Class schedule

Class meetings: MWF 1:10-2:00 pm, SC 1308 (MATH Building, ground floor)
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday: 2-3 pm, Thursday: 1-2 pm (and by appointment)

The aim of this course

The aim of Physics 365 is to describe systems comprised of MANY interacting quantum particles moving at nonrelativistic velocities. This course is truly interdisciplinary: the techniques you will learn have applications in condensed-matter physics, atomic and molecular physics, quantum chemistry, nuclear physics, and some areas of astrophysics (e.g. neutron stars).

Textbook and Course Website

Main textbook: A. L. Fetter and J. D. Walecka, "Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems",, ~$35 paperback, ISBN 0-486-42827-3.

Course Website:

Physics 365 prerequisite

one semester of graduate quantum mechanics (Physics 330A).

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Volker Oberacker
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