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Contact Information

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Michael Hodges


Philosophy Department
111 Furman Hall
Vanderbilt University
Nashville TN 37240


(615) 322-2637




About The 4+1 Masters

The Department of Philosophy offers a 4 + 1 MA program for Vanderbilt students. The program requires 24 hours of course work to include no more than 6 hours of 200 level work and 3 hours of 369 MA thesis. One model for this work is as follows. Second semester senior year 6 to 9 hours of 200 and 300 level courses. Fall 5th year 9 credit-hours of 300 level courses. Spring 5th year 6 to 9 credit-hours of courses including 3 hours of 369.

Admission to the program would be determined by the department upon receipt of the following materials. Transcript, Letter of intent and purpose, 2 essays from courses taught by different regular faculty and 2 letters of recommendation. Application deadline Nov 1.

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