Sulikowski Research

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Contact Information:

Gary A. Sulikowski

12415 Medical Research Building IV

2213 Garland Avenue

Nashville, TN  37232

Phone: (615)-343-4155

Fax: (615)-343-6361

Lab Phone:  (615)-343-4154

Congratulations to Steve Townsend on his recent publication “Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Bielschowskysin

Congratulations to Jonathan Hempel and Darren Engers on their recent publication Synthetic studies directed toward the AB decalin common to HMP-Y1 and hibarimicinone”

Congratulations to Brendan on his recent article "Two-Component System Cross-Regulation Integrates Bacillus anthracis Response to Heme and Cell Envelope Stress"

Congratulations to Bobby, Marta, and Brendan whose abstracts were accepted for oral presentations at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco!

Welcome to our newest lab members Robby and Jenny!