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Darryl Bornhop Published in Science, September 2007  






Madeline Clark Madeline Dukes

My research:
My research interests are designing targeted NIR probes using lanthanide chelates and the peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ligand, PK 11195. I am currently designing a variety of imaging agents that utilize coumarin functionalities to sensitize the lanthanides in the NIR imaging agents.

About Me:
I grew up in Yacolt, WA, a small town located twenty miles north of Mt. Saint Helens. One of the unique aspects of my upbringing is that my parents home schooled me from kindergarten through high school which allowed me to tailor the curricula to my interests-especially chemistry. After graduating high school I attended Charleston Southern University where I received a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in mathematics in 2005. I joined Dr. Bornhop's research group during my first year at Vanderbilt University.

My interests:
My interests outside of chemistry are my umbrella cockatoo, Kiko and parakeets Hubert and Wilma. I am also a fan of cooking, garage sales, and thrift stores.


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