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Darryl Bornhop Published in Science, September 2007  






Ian Olmsted Ian Olmsted

My Research:
My work involves creating the next generation of BSI instrumentation.   My developments will lead to a BSI instrument that is more sensitive, smaller, more cost efficient and able to perform numerous assays simultaneously.  I am studying optics as well as surface immobilization chemistry to achieve these goals.  In 2010 I will be traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark to study optics at the Danish Technical University under the supervision of Dr. Henrik Sorensen for a total of 6 months.       

About Me:
I was born in Orlando, Florida but I’ve called Ann Arbor, Cincinnati, Lousiville and Asheville home as well.  I earned a B.S. in Chemistry with ACS certification in 2008 from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  When I am not in the lab you can either find me on the river or on the ski slopes, depending on the season.  When weather prohibits me from being outside I enjoy tinkering with my custom motorcycle, a 2 year project that I completed in 2007.  



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