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Following a three-year study and discussion of the subject, the Ad Hoc Committee on Journals (Robert Hall [chair], Judith Chevalier, David Colander, Peter Diamond, Alan Krueger, and Daniel Rubinfeld) recommended to the Executive Committee in April 2006 that the Association start four aggregated field journals, each published in four issues per year. Each new journal will publish articles in a group of subfields with loose boundaries. The new journals are not subsidiary journals to the AER; each is of equal status. All four will begin publishing at the same time, probably in early 2009.

Almost all other academic societies publish more than three journals. Adding more journals will increase the diversity of editors of Association journals.

The Executive Committee voted to initiate the new field journals and name them:

(1) American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

(2) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

(3) American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

(4) American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

AEJ: Macroeconomics primarily would include: macroeconomics; monetary economics; international finance; aggregate aspects of development; economic growth; finance; and comparative economic systems.

AEJ: Microeconomics primarily would include: microeconomic theory; corporate finance; industrial organization; micro theory aspects of economic development; and micro aspects of international economics.

AEJ: Economic Policy primarily would include: public economics; urban and regional economics; public policy aspects of health, education, and welfare; law and economics; economic regulation; and environmental and natural resource economics.

AEJ: Applied Economics primarily would include: labor; demography; empirical micro development; and health, education, and welfare economics.

Each of the new journals will accept articles appropriate to its respective subject division in such areas as: history of economic thought, economic history, behavioral economics, experimental economics, and teaching economics. Similarly, applied and theoretical articles will be appropriate for the respective journals, according to their subject divisions.

President Akerlof has appointed search committees for the editor of each new journal. The committees have been asked to recommend editors to the Executive Committee in January 2007. Per Association bylaws, the general editors of the new journals will be non-voting members of the Executive Committee.

Current plans are to provide electronic access to all four new journals to each Association member at no increase in membership dues. Members wishing to receive print copies will be able to purchase subscriptions for a modest price covering marginal costs.

Submissions are invited.

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