2008 Report of the LGBTI Student Issue Committee

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersexed Student Issues Committee

The GLBTQI Student Issues Committee considers concerns of GLBTQI students, including

  1. Assessing the cultural climate of the University as it pertains to the safety, acceptance, social integration, and celebration of GLBTQI students.
  2. Assessing how the current cultural climate impacts the recruitment, retention and academic success of GLBTQI students.
  3. Making recommendations to the Dean of Students for creating and/or enhancing a living and learning environment that values sexual orientation and gender diversity; develops and/or enhances support networks for GLBTQI students; and fosters their academic, social, and intellectual success at the University.


David Boyd, Associate Professor, Center for Medicine, Health & Society
Giorgio Berry, Lambda Association, A&S
Shay Malone, Assistant Director, Leadership Development & Intercultural Affairs

Ellen Armour, Carpenter Associate Professor of Theology, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Carpenter Center
Ed Friedman, Chancellor’s Professor of Spanish, Spanish and Portuguese
Chalene Helmuth, Sr. Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese
Jasmine Ma – Graduate Student
Shubhra Sharma, Associate Director & Senior Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies
Dan Sullivan, Assistant Director, Psychological & Counseling Center
Cathy Wolfe, Vanderbilt Student Government, GPC